Be impressed with our LED GU10 lamps. Beaming with 250 lumens, TCP's 4W & 5W Reflectors offer a direct replacement for a 50W halogen application. Warm white light, 25-years lifetime, a high-powered light output and a uniform beam combine to produce a top-class lighting experience. 


  Special Features                                 





- Perfect fit, does not stick out of the fitting      

- Low wattage. high energy savings
- 50 watt replacement

- Appealing warm white light output






Lasts for 25,000 hours


  250 lumens (non dimming version) & 220 lumens (dimming version)  

3000K - CRI > 80


4W (non dimming version) & 5W (dimming version)

  Dimmable & non-dimmable versions  
  30 degree beam angle  




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